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I believe time is the most precious commodity we have – so when someone gives me theirs to write some kind words about the hypnotherapy, or online hypnotherapy they’ve experienced, I really am grateful.

I still enjoy reading these. I hope you do too.


Went for sessions with Nick due to crippling anxiety that has gotten worse over the years. His explanation in the consultation was clear and easy to understand and I felt at ease knowing what it was going to be like in sessions. My anxiety levels dropped, and the insomnia I've had for years is finally gone. I feel so much more calmer too. Was definitely worth it.
Nick Robinson
Working with Nick was a fantastic experience from start to finish. Slightly hesitant/sceptical of hypnotherapy to begin with, Nick put me at ease from the outset and made truly transformative changes to my thinking and approach to certain day to day activities that I was struggling with. Would recommend!
Honey Morrell
I had bad anxiety and was always overthinking. But after just one session I started to notice a difference. Never thought hypnotherapy could help me with my anxiety AND insomnia but all have changed and I’m now doing so much better all round.
Pyth Wia
Nick is truly exceptional. Struggling with job interview anxiety and self-esteem challenges, I found his easy going demeanor and attentive listening incredibly reassuring and quickly felt comfortable. Nick helped me uncover and address the root causes of my struggles, arming me with effective tools and techniques to manage anxiety and rebuild my confidence. After working with Nick for a couple months, I successfully secured a job I previously thought was out of my league. My sincere appreciation goes to Nick for his expertise and the transformative impact he's had on my life.
Stuart Murray
Nick is someone you immediately feel comfortable with. He meets you where you are at, distills put your goals and gently nudges you in the direction you need to go, to achieve them. He is a master at what he does, you will not be disappointed.
Alice Maisetti
The best hypnotherapist I have been working with. Nick is compassionate, present and will certainly help you relax and feel nourished. Highly recommended! Grazie Nick!
Sophie Robinson
My sessions with Nick were such a positive experience. Looking forwards rather than looking back, focussing on the positive, growing in self belief and no longer feeling stuck we’re just a few of the many many benefits from these sessions. I highly recommend!
David Brown
Nick has helped me through lots of emotional issues that emerged from very bad post-divorce depression. His ability to unpack the problems and steer me towards a clearer more positive approach has been fantastic - he enabled me to calm my mind, improve my sleep and feel altogether better. I’m extremely grateful for his time and help - highly recommended.
Daniel Strachan
I visited Nick a little out of curiosity and quite a bit because I figured I could use a mental health tune up. Full disclosure, Nick is a good friend. On that basis I was curious as to how his demeanour and humour would translate into his professional role. Unsurprisingly it translated seamlessly. Nick was his usual kind and good natured self with an easy laugh and an joke. He was also highly professional, respecting my time and the purpose of the meeting. He is an outstanding listener and a skilled practitioner who is committed to his own growth and, critically, the growth of those who he invests his time into. I highly recommend Nick for is skillset, integrity and great energy!
Stephanie Scheier
I can't recommend Nick enough! His knowledge and expertise in hypnotherapy is amazing, as well as being a super positive therapist, helping and guiding you to find solutions by the power of your subconscious mind. Nick helped me through a very tough phase in my life with the power of hypnosis, and I still use some of the techniques he taught me now, when feeling stressed or overburdened.

A few kind words from a handful of generous people

After a couple of years of suffering with severe anxiety I finally decided to see someone. I was feeling very low and could feel myself spiralling into a dark place. I decided to see if Nick could help. Best decision I could have made and only wish I'd made it earlier! I now struggle to even recognise the person I was before I came to see Nick. It has genuinely changed my life!
Ozzy M
I have been seeing Nick now for 9 sessions and I cannot recommend him highly enough. From the first session he made me feel at ease and I have really enjoyed the experience. It has helped to improve my sleep patterns as well as my patience! I would like to take this opportunity to thank Nick for all his work so far - I know that we have even bigger plans in the future to help with self development and I am really excited by this!
Nikki L
North Surrey
I was experiencing depression and anxiety and hadn’t been able to sleep - most I was getting was a couple of hours a night. With Nick’s help my life has been transformed. I look forward to going to bed, listening to his comforting voice with the recording he has given me. His simple, no nonsense approach has led me to get back into a normal sleep pattern and my depression has lifted. I’m so grateful to you Nick!
Lydia B
As soon as I spoke to Nick on the phone, I knew things were about to start being better. His enthusiasm for your progress is infectious and that is a huge part of the process. As a therapist you can be the best deliverer of trance scripts but if the rapport is not there, the therapy will go nowhere. With Nick you immediately get the impression you are being professionally listened to, intensely, and that is so reassuring. He pushes you along and upwards into the right zone, until to get you where you want to be. The sessions were all a delight and they were the highlight of my week!
Karen T
East London
I have been working with Nick for several months now and find him to be extremely professional, supportive and motivational. Each of our sessions were positive and enjoyable and despite being slightly apprehensive at first, I began to feel the benefits almost straight away and continue to do so now. With Nick's help and support I have become more positive and self confident, managing to deal with my negative self beliefs once and for all, after years of letting them control my life. I would recommend Nick to anyone.
Tom K
I was initially slightly apprehensive about moving things online as I wondered whether it would feel slightly awkward or unrelaxed. I've actually found that it hasn't impacted my feelings towards the sessions too much at all. Of course, it's preferable to have them in person but I really have felt comfortable and for me it's just reassuring to know that I have the session as part of my weekly routine, doesn't make a difference to me whether it's online or not!
Jilly C
My journey started just four weeks ago with the aim of losing weight. I entered into it with an open mind, 100% commitment and a clear goal. With Nick's help, I am thrilled with the results so far and well on my way to achieving that goal. I would highly recommend Nick to anyone who needs a little extra help.
Beth K
Nick comes to my rescue whenever I can’t sleep, I listen to one of his recordings and suddenly it’s morning! I’ve tried lots of wellbeing apps in the past to help with sleep but often find their voices irritating, trying to be too hypnotic. Nick strikes the perfect tone and it’s like magic to my racing mind!
Emma C
I couldn’t recommend Nick more highly. I was going through a very tricky period which was amplified by the onset of covid which also meant that we had to transition to online sessions. Those online sessions have been a life saver. The progress we have made with regular online sessions has been remarkable. Nick’s expert guidance and reassuring manner is second to none. It is testament to Nick that I have emerged from lockdown in a much better place than before. I will be forever grateful.
Rob T
North London
I came to see Nick after a recommendation from a friend. I have suffered from chronic insomnia for around 25 years and have tried many ways of dealing with it – all with very limited success. From what little I knew about hypnotherapy I realised that it would not be as simple as being put to sleep and wake up having all my sleep problems resolved. I knew it would be a process that would take some time. And like physiotherapy would require some work on my part. I have enjoyed the sessions with Nick, and my sleeping has improved significantly since we started the process. I still have occasional bad nights, but they have become much less frequent, and typically I am sleeping much better. Overall it has been a very positive experience for me – I wish I had done it years ago.
Nick N
Nick has allowed me to become a more positive and resilient person. I struggled with high levels of anxiety and occasional panic attacks, I had tried other therapies but had not found a solution. I also struggled with IBS and have found my symptoms are improved as my stress and anxiety has decreased. After 12 sessions with Nick my view on life has changed. I no longer feel worried all the time and I am able to see my life and myself in a far more positive way. The biggest change I have noticed is with my sleep. I have always struggled to get to sleep as my mind was still worrying, now I am able to stop and sleep well through the night. I have completed my sessions with Nick during my final year at university, finding a job and moving house. I am not sure how I would have met all my goals without Nick’s help. I cannot thank him enough for helping me to change my life. I would recommend him to everyone
Dina. M
Having had a tough time dealing with family bereavement It triggered me into a whirlwind of anxieties. I was struggling with confidence, interactions and my mind felt clouded. I’d heard about hypnotherapy and decided to find out if it would help. Within a few sessions my mind felt clearer. I was sleeping better and waking up ready to start my day without fear of anxiety and overthinking. My confidence improved daily and my outlook on life and happiness changed for the better. Even after finishing treatment I still think this way, like I have retrained my brain into finding happiness, seeing the good in life’s situations, being confident in the choices I make and looking forward to the future. I see a change in myself and so do others.
Michael K
Central London

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