About Nick

Hi, I'm Nick Bullock

My aim is to always offer you a supportive, personal, progressive experience within a comfortable environment.

As well as helping you find clear, concise directions and goals to help you move forward, my approach is informed by a set of ‘humanistic’ values; understanding the need to put your thoughts, feelings and emotions at the centre of the process in order for you to move towards a place you feel happier to be.

Nick Bullock - London Hypnotherapist

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Professional life

Nick Bullock

I trained as a Solution Focused Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist at Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training School in Moorgate, London and was tutored by senior lecturer, therapist and Chairman of *UKCHO, Matthew Cahill.

After qualifying, I opened practices in Surrey and Belgravia, and over the next three years I opened two further practices firstly in Barbican and then in Clerkenwell, regularly running a practice from each to cover the breadth of London.

In 2015, I was offered the position of Director of Research by the National Board of Modern Psychotherapy and following this, in late 2015, I was invited to practice at leading global advertising network Publicis, as their ‘in-house’ hypnotherapist, at their Central London headquarters in Baker Street.

In 2018 I reduced my private practice solely into Clerkenwell and added an online presence due to an increased number of requests from clients based outside of London, and internationally.

Like most, throughout 2020/21 I continued to work online during lockdown due largely to the pandemic and to date still see at least 50% of clients online.

*UK Confederation of Hypnotherapy Organisations – the umbrella body for the hypnotherapy profession throughout the UK

Advantages of working with me

Bespoke Approach

Creating a tailored therapy approach to align with your unique and individual needs


You will be fully supported and listened to throughout your hypnotherapy sessions

Measuring Outcomes

Observe your outcomes through a tracking program with valuable feedback


Benefit from my many years of experience helping others like you who wanted change

Personal life

Nick Bullock

I have spent a number wonderful years being a dad to my two children, and have been extremely fortunate to have been main carer to both Honey and Jed throughout their younger years. Now teenagers (and having less time for ‘the old man’), being a dad continues to be central to my life whenever I can.

I consider myself a social introvert, enjoying the company of others whilst fuelling a necessary need to be regularly in my own space. I’m a keen reader (although a very slow one), and have always had a slight tendency to be mildly obsessed with exercise and health. I like to hike, play regular table tennis, do more indoor bike riding than outdoor (I’m a bit of a statistics nerd, and indoor training allows more controllable conditions), and I’m currently making efforts to add rowing to my indoor pursuits (*see geeky stats line above).

I’m a big believer that engaging in therapy and maintaining a healthy mental state is an exercise for all to benefit from and so I practice a daily routine of self-hypnosis and take regular therapy sessions as well, both face-to-face and online.

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